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Any questions, comments, or concerns with how I play Tris Prior? Please tell me how I'm doing!

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"They’ll care for each other," she says. "That’s what people do."

I smile and close my eyes.

Everything is foggy at first. Hazy, distant, impossible.

Her mother had been there. Her touch still lingers on Tris' cheek, the weight of her hand in hers. She remembers the hug. The hope that she might be forgiven. For all the deaths she's ever caused. For all the mistakes she ever made. For leaving him when that was the last thing she ever wanted to do.

She remembers that.

And she remembers David slumped over in his chair. She remembers hitting different numbers on the keyboard, her last desperate attempt to key in Caleb's code. The flash of green that she thinks came next is foggier. Footsteps in the hallway. Did it work? Had it been worth it? She can't remember. What she does remember is wanting to be done. Wanting to have done good.

Or are those someone else's thoughts? She can't tell. It's like being in a dream right now. Or maybe this is what the non-Divergent experience when they're in a simulation. She wants to tell herself it's not real.

She doesn't know anything.

Except, suddenly, it's impossibly bright. It had been darkness before. Calming, comforting darkness that she wants to return to. Her mother's embrace. Peace. Instead it's bright and there's a pain now. Intense, overwhelming pain that makes tears fall from her still closed eyes. It hurts. It hurts and hurts and hurts and all she wants is to be back in her mother's arms. Safe.

Her eyes open with a startled gasp and everything is still so bright even as shapes slowly come into focus. Somewhere there's a beating, the frantic beep beep beep of a heart monitor going haywire. She can't focus on anything and there's something in her throat and she starts tugging on it, wanting it out. Now. It's too much. She knows she's panicking and she can't stop. Her head hurts and so does her lower side and even though she tries, tries as hard as she can to remove all the tubes attached, she's too weak. Tears roll down her face.

It hurts. It shouldn't hurt this much.
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Player Info
Name: Jenny
Age: 29
Contact: [plurk.com profile] enelyasol
Characters Already in Teleios: Katniss Everdeen, Kate Bishop
Reserve: Reserve!

Character Basics:
Character Name: Beatrice 'Tris' Prior
Journal: [personal profile] selfishorbrave
Age: 16
Fandom: Divergent
Canon Point: After falling asleep that first night among the Factionless in Insurgent
Class A: 5 years
Class B: 31 years
Class C: 7 years and 2 months

  • GRAND TOTAL: 43 years and 2 months

    Canon Character Section:
    History: from the Divergent wiki

    Abnegation. Those in the Abnegation faction value selflessness above all. This is the faction that Tris had been raised in and the faction that she ultimately left for another. In her opinion, she's too selfish to be a part of it. It's something she's struggled with her whole life. She mentions a memory of being in the park with her brother Caleb, who insisted in Tris sharing her jump rope with a child who had been lacking anything and anyone to play with. Even though she knows it'd be Abnegation of her to do so, she's very reluctant regardless. She's also very prone to hold grudges and not all too quick to forgive.

    That isn't to say that doesn't belong in Abnegation, as it is one of the three factions the aptitude tests showed she belonged in. While acts of selflessness come hard in regards to strangers, Tris has absolutely no problem being selfless when it comes to the people she loves. She doesn't hesitate to take her friend Al's place to have knives thrown at her during Dauntless initiation. And it becomes very clear throughout the course of the trilogy that, given the option, Tris will sacrifice her own life in place of that of her family's. Furthermore, she lacks the skillset to know how to grieve in a healthy and safe manner as grieving is considered a bit selfish in Abnegation.

    She also does have some of the Abnegation's prudish tendencies. Displays of affection, especially in public or around others, are frowned upon in her home faction. She only recalls seeing her parents ever hold hands a handful of time in their lives, let alone kiss. Tris is extremely modest and, though she no longer wears clothing that covers her entire body, she doesn't like people to see her naked. She also has fears of intimacy and, though she loves her boyfriend Tobias, she fears that he might only want to be with her for sex and that he might eventually realize how plain looking her body is and change his mind about being with her.

    Amnity. Tris has very, very little in common with the peace loving hippies of Amnity. She's rash and violent and, after enough time spent in Dauntless, rather solve her problems with her fists rather than negotiation. Though it bothered her a little initially, as she became accustomed to life in Dauntless instead of Abnegation, now she doesn't think twice about it. Rudeness and glib comments come naturally to her, especially around Tobias. This isn't to say that she wouldn't mind a little peace in her life. She does contemplate more than once running away from the fight between factions with Tobias and living their own lives away from the war. Ultimately, though, her need to act and do something to protect her people and city win out.

    Plus, it means she gets to kick more ass.

    Candor. Candors value honesty, which is something that Tris does not. She has no problem lying when it suits her purposes, especially if it helps her protect people. That said, she can be a bit outspoken at times and will not mince her words, even if it'll improve the situation at hand.

    Dauntless. Dauntless, the fearless, don't so much eradicate their fears as long to control them. This is the faction that Tris picks to belong to during the Choosing Ceremony and is another one of the three the Aptitude Test assigns her. Though Tris is very brave (even if she has a little trouble believing it at times), she is also extremely reckless. The longer she spends among the Dauntless, the more she becomes a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. At first, her choices are motivated by pride. She thirsts to prove herself and doesn't want to be seen by her peers as a meek Stiff. As a result, she's the first to jump from the ledge of a building at the very start of initiation - an act of respect among the Dauntless. This pride also tends to feed in to her recklessness. Tris is stubborn and will keep pushing herself until her goal is achieved. Often times, this puts her life in danger.

    Tris has seven main fears in her life: powerlessness, weakness, the loss of control, being betrayed by her friends and family, death, being responsible for her family's death, and as already mentioned, intimacy. Fears tend to define a person in Dauntless; specifically, their desire to be able to face their fears without losing face. It's very much the same for Tris. She refuses to be cornered or labeled. Though she'll easily play the "little girl" card when it suits her, if someone calls her that in order to demean her power and ability, she'll start in on them without thought. For all her reckless behaviors and cavalier attitudes about her own life, she wants to be able to live it the way she wants to - without anyone else's input or interference. It's part of the reason she gets angry so much at Tobias every time he tries to protect her from herself. In Tris' opinion, better her life be thrown away than live with the guilt and pain of knowing someone else's has been taken instead. She's ruthless and will kill without thinking but the cost of that kill will haunt her even when she might have been in the right.

    Finally, perhaps what Tris loves most of all about the Dauntless is that they live. It's what she admires about the Dauntless kids at school and what she continues to admire about them even after becoming one. They don't hold back their emotions and they don't stay quiet. Life among the Dauntless is fun and loud and although she has difficulty adjusting to it at first, it's the sort of life that Tris had been looking for.

    Erudite. The Erudite faction is the last of the three factions Tris had aptitude for. She's highly intelligent and clever and observant, capable of piecing together pieces of information before others around her (including adults) are able to. Tris notices that the locks to the city gates are on the outside rather than inside, as if keeping something in instead of out. She also realizes that the Erudite plan on controlling the Dauntless through transmitters injected through a serum they pass out among the Dauntless on the day of her final initiation task. Unfortunately, before she has a chance to really do anything, things spiral out of control. Still, it's Tris who figures out the best way to free the Dauntless from the mind control and Tris who also quickly comes up with plans such as disguising the Abnegation refugees as Amnity faction when the Erudites come calling.

    She's also naturally curious, another Erudite trait that lacks favor among the Abnegation. It's hard for Tris to hold her tongue when she has questions even when it's in a situation in which she knows better than to ask. She wants to know what's going on around her and wants to piece the world together. She's not above spying on others to get the information she wants and, being Dauntless and reckless, confronting said person when the information is not what she wants to hear.

    Although the Erudite all tend to be logical, Tris was raised with the belief in God and heaven and an afterlife. For the most part, she doesn't doubt what her parents told her about the religion and instead clings on to it, believing that when she dies, she'll be reunited with the people she's lost.

    Teleios. In all likelihood, Tris will take arriving in Teleios as something that has both it's pros and cons. She won't be happy about not having say in arriving here, but will be pleased to see Tobias and know that he's safe in Teleios with her. Even though she plays an active role in the faction war back home, there is a part of her that is tempted to run away with Tobias and leave everything to the adults to figure out. That part of her will be grateful to be here. On the other hand, Tris takes her responsibilities very seriously. That she's here and not in Chicago will make her feel guilty. Her brother's still there, as are her friends, and she won't be comfortable leaving them behind. Besides, Chicago is her home. Her old faction has nearly been wiped out and her current one is divided. She has an overwhelming sense of loyalty and urgency to get back and do what she can to help the people that need it.

    Powers/Abilities: For all extents and purposes, Tris is a small, sixteen year old girl with all the weaknesses that come with. However, due to Dauntless training, she's muscular and spry and knows how to fight and defend herself. She also has good aim with a gun and with a knife and can force back fears when need be to get through the moment. Tris is also Divergent, which means that, in addition to showing aptitude for three different factions, she has an ability to see through simulations so prominent in her world. In actuality, those that are Divergent are the ones whose DNA have recovered from the genetic damage done to their ancestors from generations of genetic manipulations.

    Appearance: Tris tends to describe herself as plain in appearance and at times, with a childlike built rather than anything she considers a sixteen year old should look like. She's short with an athletic, muscular frame. Her blonde hair falls down to her chin, with wide grey-blue eyes set in a narrow face. Given the right makeup and styling, she also tends to be considered striking by her friend Christina. Tris also has 3 tattoos: 3 ravens moving from collarbone towards her heart, the Dauntless symbol on her left shoulder, and the Abnegation symbol on her right.

    PB used is Shailene Woodly.

    CR AU
    Game You’re Transferring CR from: N/A

    How has your character changed from their canon self?

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them?

    Actionspam Sample:
    Have some meme stuff.

    Prose Sample:
    She stands on top of the temple roof and gazes over the rest of the city...
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    She stands on top of the temple roof and gazes over the rest of the city. The building itself is not very tall; three stories pales in comparison to other heights she's found herself at. But on top of the hill, the view is good enough to see her new location and scout out places of interest. She knows that's not what prompted the climb though. That had been because of restlessness. Because if she sits still too long, the memories start to creep in.

    Her mother being shot.

    Killing Will.

    Her father's body lying among countless others. Tris having no choice but to leave it there.

    It's bad enough that the memories come to her at night. It's bad enough that she keeps them all from Tobias. She hasn't been able to figure out what to say to him yet. Her last memories of home had been winding up among the factionless. Caleb's still back there. He's the only family she has left and it makes her think that she needs to fight harder to leave Teleios. But she hasn't. Doesn't.

    Going back means seeing them. Possibly seeing Christina if she survived the simulation. Being thrust in the middle of a war again. She's Dauntless. She should be braver than this. She has to be. Someone needs to do something back home. Someone needs to go to Candor and make them and the Dauntless currently staying there see reason about the Erudite plans and convince them to help. To fight.

    But here, she doesn't even have to look at a gun. Instead, she gets to stand on the edge of a building and look down at a factionless world where people seem to know, regardless, where they belong.


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